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This is an online community for women who want to leverage the power of technology and systems to start or grow their business online.  We are dreamers who are passionate about thinking big and putting plans into action to reach those big goals.

Here you’ll find articles, training, and opportunities for individual support.  If this sounds like what you’re looking for, glad you’re here.  

What You'll Find Around Here

The goal of Savvy Digital Girl is to take you from confused and frazzled to clear and organized about the tech and systems strategy for your business. We are passionate about providing inspiration and practical tips on simplified tech, systems, and productivity to help you manage the back-end of your business with ease.

Contrary to popular belief, technology and systems don’t have to be hard or scary.

But if you don’t want to implement it for yourself, that’s where our one-on-one support comes in. Whether you want to learn for yourself or have it done for you, we’ve got you covered.


Rules For Success

Savvy Digital Girl

Don’t over complicate it

Be a lifetime learner

Don’t try to do all the things

Community is key

The right mindset is will move you further quicker

Helping others also helps you

Ask good questions

Make a decision and take action

Daydream often

Be your own cheerleader

Trust your intuition

Know your definition of success

Meet Our Founder

I’m Treva Marshall – a women in tech advocate, technology & systems expert, and creator of Savvy Digital Girl.  With over 15+ years of experience working in technology, my goal is to help you simplify the tech & systems that have you feeling overwhelmed so you can enjoy more freedom and have more fun in your online business.

I also have a passion for goal setting, planning, and productivity so you’ll see lots of resources to help you learn to plan (and implement) your goals so you have a business you love, while still having time to focus on other things you enjoy!

Places you may have seen me:

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