Customer Journey Funnel Maps

I’ve provided two funnel map examples, to help you map your customer journey. You can create a funnel map by simply creating a list of each step of your customer or if you’re more visual, you can sketch a diagram of each step. I’ve created examples for both.  
Remember, your sales funnel will always be a work in progress. So start simple and add complexity as you go!

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Funnel Map (List)
  1. Someone signs up for a lead magnet on an opt-in form
  2. They will land on a Thank You page after subscribing
  3. Send an email with a link to deliver the lead magnet on a download page
  4. Send an email welcome sequence of 3-5 emails
  5. Tag the subscriber to indicate which lead magnet they received
Lead Magnet Funnel Map (Diagram)

Book A Discovery Call

Book A Discovery Call Funnel Map (List)
  1. Someone clicks the button to apply for a discovery call on a landing page
  2. They will land on an Application Page and submit their application
  3. I will be notified that someone applied for a call.
  4. If they are a good fit, they will be sent to the Call Scheduler page
  5. They will land on a Thank You page after scheduling their call.
  6. They will receive reminder emails leading up to the call
Book A Discovery Call Funnel Map (Diagram)

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